Sculpture Hut - 2018-05-21-13.53.34


Richard Hutchings is fulfilling a lifelong dream and ambition to develop as a sculptor. Working from his ‘SculptureHut’ in Lincolnshire, Richard creates sculptures that are inspired by and reflect a variety of lifelong interests. From a youngster he has always loved nature, wildlife his canine friends and the ‘arts’.

His dad who was an engineer was a great influence on Richard as a child and young man. It was his Dad who bought him an electric welding machine while still at school. As a result, the seeds were sown.
This early influence, therefore, saw Richard seeking, through the traditional craft skills of welding to harness his early interests. That is his passion for nature wildlife and the arts.
While in school Richard shone at Metalwork and gained many accolades. So on leaving school his choice of work was in that direction. He gained employment as a trainee welder in a Blacksmiths shop and as a result learnt the fundamental skills of a traditional Blacksmith. He thoroughly enjoyed learning his trade which has stuck with him to this day.

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